We are always thrilled to receive feedback from our patients and their loved ones! Our young patient, Aradita Malhotra, bravely fought against diffuse large B-cell Lymphoma and successfully completed five chemotherapy sessions along with the pre-phase treatment under the expert guidance of our esteemed medical team at Aster RV Hospital. Vipul Malhotra and Komal Malhotra, overwhelmed with gratitude, expressed their sincerest thanks to Dr. C.N. Patil, Dr. Raghuram, Dr. Anoop, Dr. Stalin, Dr. Sneha, Dr. Deepthi, and Dr. Sunantha for their exceptional care and support, which played a pivotal role in their daughter's swift recovery.

The family also extended their appreciation to the entire administration, facility, and housekeeping teams at Aster RV Hospital, who tirelessly provided round-the-clock assistance, ensuring their comfort throughout the journey. We sincerely appreciate your valuable feedback and your trust in Aster RV Hospital!

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