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How To Quit Smoking14March 2023

31st May is observed as world no tobacco day. It is an opportunity to renew our commitment towards tobacco control, creating awareness about tobacco related health issues,…

Cancer and COVID-19
Cancer and COVID-19
The corona virus is a flu-like virus. Corona viruses are a family of viruses tha...
2 February 2023
Cancer Patient & Covid-19
COVID 19 : What cancer patient need to know
This information aims to help patients diagnosed with cancer and their caretaker...
2 February 2023
Radiation Oncology
Technological Highlights: Department of Radia...
Technological Highlights: Department of Radiation Oncology Inter-disciplinary a...
2 February 2023

DIBH - Deep Inspiratory Breath...
Radiation therapy has seen tremendous technological evolution during the last two decades....
2 February 2023
Cancer Follow Up Care
The Cancer Survivorship Guide ...
Objectives Primarily improving the quality of life Reducing the risk of recurrence To...
2 February 2023
how to cure cancer
Steps Towards Cure In Cancer
Learning about the diagnosis of cancer is a tough passing phase to handle. During the proc...
2 February 2023

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