Robotic surgery


At Aster International Institute of Oncology (AIIO), the forefront of surgical innovation is marked by the specialized field of Robotic Surgery. The institute boasts state-of-the-art facilities and is equipped with the latest iteration of the DaVinci Robot, a cutting-edge technology that has ushered in a new era in surgical procedures, especially in the domain of oncology.

Robotic surgery, under the guidance of skilled surgeons, has brought about a revolutionary shift in oncological surgeries. This advanced technique allows surgeons to perform intricate and complex surgical procedures with remarkable precision through small incisions. The DaVinci Robot serves as a sophisticated tool, offering enhanced dexterity and control to the surgeon, thereby optimizing the outcomes of these procedures.

The benefits of minimal access robotic oncology surgeries are manifold. Patients undergoing such procedures typically experience less pain, as the smaller incisions reduce trauma to surrounding tissues. The precision afforded by robotic assistance often results in reduced blood loss during surgery. Additionally, these surgeries are associated with shorter hospital stays, allowing patients to recover in a more comfortable and familiar environment. The overall recovery times are also significantly shortened, enabling individuals to resume their regular activities more swiftly.

The utilization of robotic surgery at AIIO reflects a commitment to providing patients with cutting-edge and minimally invasive treatment options. This technology not only enhances the surgical capabilities of the medical team but also translates into a more favorable and streamlined experience for patients undergoing oncological procedures. The integration of robotic surgery underscores AIIO's dedication to advancing the standard of care and ensuring that patients receive the best possible outcomes in their journey towards recovery.


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What is robotic surgery, and how does it differ from traditional surgery?

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique that utilizes advanced robotic systems, such as the DaVinci Robot, to assist surgeons in performing complex procedures through small incisions. This differs from traditional surgery, where larger incisions are made for direct manual intervention.

How does the DaVinci Robot enhance surgical precision?

The DaVinci Robot provides surgeons with enhanced dexterity, control, and a 3D magnified view of the surgical site. This enables more precise movements, improving the accuracy of procedures and minimizing the impact on surrounding tissues.

Are there risks associated with robotic surgery?

While robotic surgery is generally considered safe, as with any medical procedure, there are inherent risks. These may include infection, bleeding, or reactions to anesthesia. The surgical team at AIIO assesses individual patient factors to minimize these risks.

Is robotic surgery suitable for all cancer patients?

Robotic surgery may not be suitable for every patient or every type of cancer. The decision to use robotic technology is made based on factors such as the type and stage of cancer, the patient's overall health, and the surgeon's assessment.

What are the advantages of robotic surgery in oncology?

Robotic surgery in oncology offers several benefits, including reduced pain, minimal blood loss, shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery times, and enhanced precision in performing intricate surgical procedures.

What types of cancer surgeries can be performed using robotic technology?

Robotic surgery is applicable to various cancer surgeries, including but not limited to prostatectomy, hysterectomy, colorectal surgery, and certain head and neck surgeries. The specific procedures depend on the type and location of the cancer.

How long is the recovery period after a robotic oncology surgery?

Patients undergoing robotic oncology surgeries often experience shorter recovery periods compared to traditional surgery. The exact duration varies depending on the type of procedure and individual patient factors. The medical team provides personalized post-operative care guidelines.

How can I learn more about robotic surgery options at AIIO?

For more information about robotic surgery options at Aster International Institute of Oncology, you can schedule a consultation with our expert surgical oncologists. Contact our hospital for personalized guidance and to address any specific queries you may have.