Nuclear Medicine Doctor

Dr. Mythri Shankar

Lead consultant - Nuclear Medicine

MBBS, MD (Nuclear Medicine)

Dr. Mythri Shankar received her postgraduate residency graduate training at DVAMC – UCLA (Division of Veteran Affairs, University of California Los Angeles, USA) where she also served as a Chief Resident in her final year of training. She has had extensive training in her specialty from various prestigious institutions like UCLA, Cedars Sinai, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, King-Drew University, University of Texas, Harvard Medical School, etc.

Her experience has enabled the integration of most appropriate protocol selection while performing sophisticated radioactive injection procedures. She is reputed for her high standards of technical skills and for her professional style of working as a team member with the physician throughout the community. She has now moved back to Bangalore, India her home town bringing with her over 20 years’ experience of clinical expertise.

Currently practicing Nuclear Medicine in Bangalore & is also actively involved in academic activities and several research projects. As a Physician, She has always placed paramount importance on education and the continuous pursuit of excellence as the highest virtue. She has always followed her passions with an unerring and innate sense of direction beginning with her desire to practice evidence-based medicine both in the diagnostic and therapeutic arena of modern medicine (again as the first person to get a private license to use rubidium generator in the entire state of California) with a patient-friendly focus not just in philosophy but also in delivery of healthcare.

She is a renowned Women’s Health Activist, an entrepreneur (IIM-B Alumni) and the Founder Trustee of “Osteoporosis Foundation, India”. Behind the Professional front lies a soft-hearted woman, who believes in traditional family values and wisdom and has successfully managed to strike a peaceful balance between professional and personal facets of life accommodating modern-day demands.

Area of expertise
  • PET CT and Molecular Imaging
  • Nuclear Cardiology
  • Radio Iodine and other Radio- Isotope
  • Sentinel Lymph Node Localization.