Best Radiation Oncology Specialist

Dr. Ram Charith Alva

Sr. Consultant - Radiation Oncology


Dr. Ram Alva is a Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist with over 14 years of experience. He provides all-inclusive tertiary referral services of radiation therapy for adult or paediatric patients having malignant & benign(non-cancerous) conditions. He has keen interest in brachytherapy(internal radiation) as well as stereotactic radiation therapy procedures, which entails delivery of precisely focussed highly conformal radiotherapy directly to the tumours.

Dr. Ram Alva graduated from a prestigious institute in India where he completed his postgraduate MD training in 2009. Following this he worked as a specialist in Manipal Hospital, a premier tertiary care institution in Bangalore, wherein he improved his skills associated with his field. Later, he joined Ramaiah hospitals, a leading medical teaching institution in the country to fortify his profile as an academician, researcher as well as and astute clinician. During this period, he also completed his speciality training with a short stint at the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, USA. Not only has he trained under and worked with many internationally renowned experts specifically in the field of Radiation Oncology, but has also keenly interacted and developed his knowledge in close-quarter discussions and debates with the best minds across all specialities of oncology.

He has been a Senior Consultant clinician in Bangalore since 2013, who has mentored, trained & guided students & younger colleagues and also worked closely with his seniors and contemporary experts to jointly tackle the menace of cancer. He has conducted & presented at many academic forums and has also trained professionals from across India and Asia in the nuanced skills required for this speciality. He is known to provide ethical and up-to-date scientific-based treatment, as evidenced by numerous patient testimonials.

Area of expertise
  • All adults and children with malignant disorders need radiation therapy in conjunction with other oncology-directed therapies
  • Non-malignant (benign) disorders – specifically those having a locally aggressive recurrence pattern such as brain & spine tumours including adenomas, schwannomas, hemangiomas & meningiomas as well as musculoskeletal, skin, connective tissue & vascular tumours/disorders
  • Brachytherapy(Internal radiation) procedures in gynaecological, head/neck, skin, soft tissue, esophageal, hepato-biliary & urological tumours
  • Stereotactic focussed short-course high-dose radiation therapy protocols in brain/spinal tumours, lung/mediastinal tumours, upper GI tumours, urological as well as part of recurrent tumour processes
  • Magna-field irradiation protocols such as hemi-body & sub-total lymphoid procedures, including total body irradiation process as part of the transplant(BMT) protocols.
Awards and recognitions
  • Ram Alva has been awarded the union for international cancer control(UICC) technical fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, USA in 2018. He is well known in the academic field, with over 25 publications in reputed international medical journals indexed by Scopus/PubMed. In addition, he has been recognised and appreciated for his efforts in training and educating many radiation oncologists from India & abroad in the processes of brachytherapy as well as in conducting innovative learning intensive programs such as the world’s first cadaveric brachytherapy workshops in gynaecological, prostate and head/neck cancers.


  • He is an active member of many professional bodies including Association of Radiation Oncologists of India, Indian Medical Association, Indian Society of Neuro-Oncology and the Indian College of Radiation Oncology. He has also been a member of various online oncology societies such as ASTRO, ESTRO and ESMO groups.

Papers Published

Below is his list of over 25 publications in Radiation Oncology

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Book Chapters

  • Koushik AK, Alva RC. Radiotherapy in Oral Cancers: Current Perspective and Future Directions. InOral Cancer-Current Concepts and Future Perspectives 2021 Aug 16. IntechOpen.