Mrs. Catherine underwent Hodgkin lymphoma treatment under the supervision of Dr. Aditya Murli at Aster CMI Hospital. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma at Aster CMI hospital.

I came here to visit Dr. Brundha to know about my disease and after careful diagnosis, she asked me to do an ultrasound, then a CT scan, Biopsy, and the results showed a tumor very close to my heart - Hodgkin lymphoma.

Then, I was recommended to Dr. Aditya Murali from the Oncology department.

We searched for good cancer hospitals and oncologists online. We asked friends and finally, we were led back to Aster CMI Hospital - Dr. Aditya Murali. He gave us more confidence and my cancer treatment involved 12 cycles of chemotherapy as the disease was very close to my heart.

After 4 cycles, we did a PET scan and the disease went into complete remission which was a huge win for both of us and huge relief and answer to the prayers.

Then followed by remaining chemotherapy cycles and 3 weeks ago I completed the entire line of treatment. I was discharged from Aster CMI Hospital. Dr. Aditya murali assured me that I can go back home and lead a normal healthy life.

I am Thankful to Dr. Brundha, Dr. Sonal Asthana, and the nurses in the daycare unit of the Oncology department who were very kind and considerate.

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