Breast surgery and Oncoplasty

Breast conservation surgery and SLNB(Sentinel node biopsy) have become the standard of care in patients with breast cancer, especially in younger patients. The safety and reliability have been supported by a number of studies. The patients have better physical and psychological impact without compromising on oncological outcomes.

Oncoplastic surgery is an approach for breast cancer patients that improves aesthetic outcomes. To do this, surgeons will combine breast cancer removal (conservation surgery) and plastic surgery techniques (reconstructive surgery) simultaneously. Local oncoplastic surgery and Microvascular plastic surgeries coupled give the best cosmesis, optimal functional outcomes and quality of life.

Lymphedema care: Comprehensive lymphedema care services to our patients include screening, conservative treatment, surgical treatment and lymphedema rehabilitation. Our comprehensive program comprises of a detailed lymphedema staging protocol, followed by consultation with experts regarding management and treatment strategies.