Paediatric Oncosurgery

The Department of Pediatric Surgical Oncology at Aster CMI Hospital, Hebbal, Bangalore, caters to a diverse spectrum of cancer types and solid tumors affecting children. Our multidisciplinary team comprises exceptional pediatric oncologists, hematologists, surgeons, and other medical professionals who collaborate to design the most effective and personalized treatment plans tailored to your child's specific medical condition.

Dedicated to providing optimal solutions and treatment approaches, our team offers comprehensive and advanced surgical interventions within the pediatric hematology-oncology unit. This specialized unit integrates two highly specialized medical sub-specialties: hematology and oncology. It serves as a focal point for the diagnosis and treatment of various blood disorders, diseases, and types of cancer. Throughout the treatment journey, your child receives the utmost care and empathy, ensuring a serene and supportive treatment environment.

The scope of our pediatric hematology-oncology services spans a wide array of medical conditions, encompassing leukemia, brain tumors, bone tumors, solid tumors, bleeding disorders, and blood diseases involving blood cells, red cells, platelets, lymphoma, and more.

The types of vascular access required for any type of childhood cancer are: 

Chemoport insertion: A chemoport is a line or access point that is either placed intradermally or subdermally on the chest or arm of patients to facilitate intravenous (IV) chemotherapy. This procedure involves implanting a device beneath the skin, which serves as a means of vascular access for IV therapies as well as for injecting contrast materials during scanning tests. This placement offers convenient access to the bloodstream.

Hickman Line Insertion: A Hickman line is a flexible, slender tube that is inserted into a vein within the chest and extends into a larger vein situated just above the heart. This type of line is intended for extended use and provides access to the veins, enabling the administration of chemotherapy, intravenous medications, nutrition, and facilitating blood draws for laboratory tests.

PICC line Insertion: A PICC line is a slender and pliable catheter that is carefully inserted into a vein located in your child's arm, leg, or neck. The catheter's end is positioned within a significant vein that transports blood to the heart. This specialized line serves the purpose of facilitating long-term intravenous administration of antibiotics, nutrition, or medications, as well as enabling blood collection.

PICC-PORT: A PICC line is an extended, extremely slender, and flexible tube, known as a catheter, typically inserted into one of the major veins in the arm. A short segment of the tube and an injection cap are visible externally. The catheter is affixed to your skin using either an adhesive device, an internal securing mechanism, or stitches.

Integrated management of the tumors, along with

  • Pediatric hemato-oncologists

  • Nuclear medicine

  • Interventional radiologists

  • Nutritionists

  • Radiation oncologists

  • Onco pathologists

Extensive workup and complete in-house management:
Laparoscopy and Robotic surgery for tumors and metastasis.

Our Doctors

We have some of the best specialists from around the world, they bring years of experience and offer evidence-based treatment to ensure the best care for you.