Cancer Prevention

by Dr. Sneha Kommineni

Tune in to Dr. Sneha Kommineni, Consultant in Medical Oncology at Aster International Institute of Oncology, Aster RV Hospital, as she addresses common questions regarding cancer, its screening, and prevention. Arm yourself with this valuable information to proactively combat cancer.

Frequently, patients ask me two frequent questions: why am I developing cancer and how do we get cancer? What are the risk factors associated with thus I'm going to address all these typical queries that people typically ask physicians. For example, the first is whether or not cancer will strike everyone; the response is no, but what are the risk factors linked with cancer It is true that there are risk factors for cancer. One factor is unquestionably age; the other is genetics, which is hereditary; and the third factor is environmental exposure, which can include smoking, using tobacco orally, or being employed.